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Ready to leverage your passions and expertise while strengthening the “behind the scenes” of your business, growing your audience, converting leads, and designing your flagship program, course or membership?

Great! You’re in the right place as that’s my specialty!

Hey, I’m Cheryl

We help impact-driven coaches and consultants be catalysts of change through strategy, execution and grounded support that allows them to find freedom in their business, leverage their passionate drive, and have the confidence to change in the world.

Cheryl McDonald - business growth strategist + coach - Concept to Digital

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to …

embrace the key things you need to know in order to grow and evolve with freedom while keeping the expectations, systems and strategies grounded in reality.


Strengthen the
“Behind the scenes of your business”

Grow your audience + convert your leads

Create your flagship programs + online courses

Step 1:

Simplify + strengthen the “behind the scenes”

In step one, we help you create an online business that is both strengthened and simple to operate allowing you to focus on building your client relationships and revenue at the same time.

This means you become less weighed down with the day-to-day operations, and you create a business that’s positioned to bring in new leads and customers who are waiting for your next offer.

Best of all, you get to spend more time in your zone of genius and test drive these new systems and processes with yourself and a small team before you start adding new offerings on the big scale.

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Step 2:

Find your clients and convert leads

After you’ve started strengthening and streamlining your business, you’re ready — and your niche is calling — for your aligned client magnet and conversion system. And, we help you get it done in 12 weeks or less inside our step-by-step program.

Inside, you’ll create or optimize webinars, workshops and lead magnets that strengthen your business, creates new leads and you’ll launch these assets to sell and build your email list, no matter the size of your existing audience.

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Step 3:

Scale with a flagship program, course or membership

In Design Your Freedom — our curated coaching program for coaches and consultants who are ready to not only serve more clients but have more freedom and time with a sustainable and profitable source of income.

In step two, we support you through the launch of your lead generation and client conversion workshops, webinars and lead magnets. In the Design Your Freedom community, we move beyond the initial lead generation and conversion and into the sustainable growth, you see with online programs, courses and memberships.

In other words: We help you scale your coaching and consulting businesses into a profitable system of automation, evergreen and high-touch services that address your individual client needs so you can get out of being fully booked with one-to-one client sessions and build your ideal team while you enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur!

In simple terms: We’re talkin’ #EntrepreneurialFreedom.
We’ll help you create an online program, course or membership so you can increase your revenue each day, week and month without worrying about where you’ll find your next client.

Design Your Freedom is the complete collection of our curated workshops, resources and programs along with high-touch support, strategy and coaching. Ready to get started?

“After a disappointing launch, I finally know what I can actually do.”

Cheryl’s feedback on my webinar was immensely helpful. She helped me understand how to leverage what I was already doing well and make simple but impactful changes to increase my conversions. After a disappointing launch, I finally know what I can actually do to make a difference instead of just trying to guess on my own.

Christine Sterling, M.D., FACOG

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