Strategic Business Growth

Individual + Group Coaching

If you’re interested in hands-on strategy, with an experienced mentor by your side, check out the options below and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

One-on-One Coaching + Mentoring

Individualized mentoring to grow your business online. Feel empowered and confident while being guided in choosing the right tools, learning new skills all while aligning with your customer base.

In one-to-one coaching, you’ll be supported in learning how to:

  • de-mystify the technology and steps needed to elevate your business
  • assess your current website & social media presence for missing opportunities
  • find and target your ideal customers
  • create your email marketing lists and campaigns
  • provide an ideal user experience for your customers
  • develop customer and program funnels
  • discover and use the right tools for your website, store, SEO and so much more!

  • Who this is for: Perfect for the DIY Entrepreneur that enjoys implementing
  • Sessions: 60-minute sessions via Zoom (online video conferencing)

Limited spots are available.

One-to-One Coaching + Mentoring

Build. Launch. Grow.

Expanding upon the Build. Launch. Grow. online course, this 8-week group coaching program provides you with customized live training and support while you create your own custom website using WordPress.

In this program, you’ll be supported in learning how to:

  • Design, build or re-design your own custom website
  • Target your ideal customers
  • Feel empowered and understand how all of the tech pieces fit together
  • Learn the basics of SEO
  • Understand how accessibility and usability relate to your customers
  • Feel confident in setting up and posting on your own blog

  • Who this is for: Entrepreneurs wanting to build their business website
  • Sessions: via Zoom (online video conferencing)

8-week group coaching program

It's time for you to move forward and get back to doing the things you LOVE in your business.