Need help in growing your business?

Hey! I know you’re doing all the right things, but you’re still wondering why it’s not working.

You’ve been trying to get more clients, spend more guilt-free time with the family, grow your income, and figure out social media + email marketing so you can be with the kids, work less and earn more.

Hi! I’m Cheryl McDonald

I love spending time with the family, camping, and chilling at home. I’m also a business strategist that helps women grow their biz online, work less and earn more so they can live the life they’ve wanted for so long.

You bring the vision

I bring the tools + strategy to assemble it.

I have a passion to enable you in creating the life your craving to work less, earn more, and have a balance between family and business.

My job is to look at the big picture and teach you the strategies. Your job is to bring the vision and challenges, and I’ll find the opportunities.

Strategy + Automation, Business Consulting, Team Growth, project planning

Here’s how we can work together

Individual strategy coaching sessions

Individual 90-minute strategy sessions to get you moving forward in your business with a custom 90-day action plan.

Individual strategy coaching sessions

Strategy consulting

Designed for businesses that are looking for a longer term consulting engagement over 3-6 months.

Strategy consulting

Business + Marketing Strategies

Sound too good to be true?

My clients started exactly where you are now.

They were working their butts off, doing all the things, and they thought that if they didn’t continue to hustle with all of the strategies out there, they would feel, and be a failure while watching their dreams disappear.


Instead, asking for help turned into the kind of success where they wake up every day, knowing they have the plan in place, what they need to do for that day, and are excited to spend the day in the business and enjoying the new-found time and income freedom.

Let’s get started

What our clients thought was only a dream is a daily reality.

They now have the time and revenue to take days off. They spend guilt-free time on themselves and with the kids. Their mind no longer races about what needs to be done in the biz while they take time off. The team has it managed.

On average, our clients invest $4500 to work with us.