Is your business a turtle?

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A while ago, someone had described me as being a turtle. Not for the traditional way most of us think of us as a turtle, with the primary reason being slow. 

No, she described me this way as everything seems calm on the surface … everything is going smoothly, and then underneath it’s a crazy flapping of legs moving in all directions to try and move things forward in any and all directions. 

Not sure if you’ve seen some of the vet shows, when they are helping out one, they often place them on a container of some sorts, so they can examine them while looking they are not stuck a surface. These little (and big creatures) are flapping away trying to escape the spotlight and people looking at them. 

So, this had me thinking about businesses. Is yours one of these turtles? All well on the surface, but as soon as you peek underneath, the chaos is in full force, with trying to find clients, build your income, ideas up the wazoo and they have no strategic direction you can put them in?

10 Simple Steps to Streamline Your Day

Free Guide - Streamline Your Day

10 simple steps to streamline your daily life with small actionable steps to feel more accomplished, in control and less overwhelmed throughout the day.

I’d like to help your turtle biz in disguise. 

Let’s start today with 5 things you can do this week, to help calm the waters and propel you forward. 

  1. Pat yourself on the back for continuing to push through and make changes in your business! Seriously though, take a break and get some fresh air to regroup and acknowledge all of the hard work you’re putting into your business to make you next move happen. Think of this as a mini clarity break. 
  2. Start with fix-this-next: Go here and take the free evaluation:
  3. Buy the book and take a look at Mike’s (the author of fix this next) framework. From here, choose one item to start looking into how you’re doing business now and what can you change to evolve yourself further.
  4. Next is another reading recommendation – Profit First (. Another one of Mike’s books. It’s time for you to ensure you’re paying yourself and looking at profit first in your business. 
  5. Book a free clarity call with me:

It’s time for you to enhance the strategy in your business. And, if you already have read these books, go back and start with Step 1 to take a fresh approach to your business development and growth. 

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What steps are you taking to continually grow your business? Let me know in the comments below.


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