Transformation – My word of the year

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My word for this year is transformation. I’m continuing this word from last year as there’s still so much I want to accomplish and reframe as this year progresses.

In a year of transformation, I’ve decided to keep my goals more realistic to not only accomplish them faster but more often. As part of this transformation, I’ve created a calendar for myself which you can grab here if you’re interested. It’s a set of yearly, quarterly, and monthly goal-setting activities and retrospectives on the previous period.

I’m curious what transformation means to you and what plans you have for 2021. What does goal setting to you look like?

Looking back to last year

2020 was a rough one. With the global pandemic, economic challenges and so many more disruptions to our daily life. On the flip side, it has offered a time of opportunity for personal and business growth. Perhaps you had the opportunity to pivot your business offerings during this time.

2021 can also be your year of transformation. Sadly, the pandemic is not going away any time soon. I invite you to take a look at any challenges you are facing and step back with a new lens to see where opportunities can be formed in further growth.

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What steps are you taking to continually grow your business? Let me know in the comments below.


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