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Strategic Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs

Strategic Business Growth with Cheryl McDonald - Concept to Digital

Hey, I’m Cheryl

I’m a sought-after Business Strategist, Certified Online Business Manager (Certified OBM®), Service and User Experience Designer and Certified Life + Group Coach who works with established female entrepreneurs ready to find freedom in their business, leverage their passionate drive and have the confidence to change the world with step-by-step practical actions to get it done.

After leaving my corporate job following the recovery from burnout, I rapidly built a booked-out multi 6-figure consulting business teaching women and businesses to create sustainable services and programs that increase revenue and exceed client expectations.

Through my signature consulting and programs, I mentor online service-based business coaches and consultants to find the freedom in their businesses, leverage their passionate drive and give them the ability to stand out in their niche with their signature programs and service delivery.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, kids (son + daughter), and cats while exploring and camping in the Rocky Mountains.

You’re in the right place

If you’re ready to leverage your passions and expertise while strengthening the “behind the scenes” of your business, growing your audience, converting leads, and designing your flagship program, course or membership.

Great! You’re in the right place as that’s my specialty!

Standardize + streamline

With a holistic business assessment, standard operating procedures, customer journey assessments, standardized data analytics templates and tools.

Including optimizing: your online scheduling calendar, website client experience, social media, understanding your metrics and data, organizing and building your team, and scaling your coaching and consulting services.

Scale your business

Using an end-to-end framework and support to create, optimize and market your one-to-one or group programs, online courses and memberships.

Including: building your email list, finding clients, client onboarding, program/course structure and materials such as workbooks, videos, webinars, workshops, sales pages, sales funnels and more!

What led me into this work?

it started with my …

Love of technology

First is my love of technology, transformation, and connections.

I’ve always loved the world of tech and continual learning about how systems integrate + work together.

then …

Having kids

When the kids were born, both now teenagers decided to come prematurely, I knew at that time I wanted to stay and work at home rather than go back into the office full-time.

and now …

Corporate experience

Though I loved the people and work, after 20+ years in the corporate IT space, it wasn’t providing me with the soul-fulfilling job and lifestyle I dreamed of.

A pivot into full time consulting and serving a larger audience was born!

It’s time to dive into the key things you need to know in order to grow and evolve with freedom while keeping the expectations, systems and strategies grounded in reality.

A snapshot of my clients’ industries

  • Accessibility Specialists
  • Agile Development Teams
  • Artists
  • Bankruptcy Specialists
  • Business analysts
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • CIO’s + CTO’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Fragrance Oil Companies
  • Government (Federal)
  • Lawyers
  • Lobbying Specialists
  • Not-for-profit Agencies
  • Online Business Managers
  • Online Course Creators
  • Parenting Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Service Designers
  • Usability Specialists
  • User Experience Professionals
  • Virtual Assistants
Photo of Viktoria Kalerentis - Client of Cheryl McDonald
Viktoria Kalerentis, Coach
{In a time of entrepreneurial struggle and stress, my spirits and stress were lifted and supported with effective, efficiency and an awesome exchange of creativity. Finally, someone who understood my passion and offerings. My website is phenomenally friendly, visually sexy and financially seamless. I am feeling super special when Cheryl weaved her cyberspace magic. She is my web heroe extraordinaire. With Ooooodles of gratitude.
Dan McLaughlin - Client of Cheryl McDonald
Dan McLaughlin, Director General
{Cheryl is exceptional resource. She is highly knowledgeable and talented in User Experience Design, Business Analysis and Software Development. Additionally, Cheryl has a proven track record of delivering on her commitments. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Cheryl again in the future.
Victoria Kirby Horne - Client of Cheryl McDonald - Concept to Digital
Victoria Kirby Horne
{Cheryl provided me with her advising and expertise. She was a good listener and was open to my concerns, questions, and inquiries. Her personality is very sweet and willingly accessible. In this hectic life, with so many newscasts that show unkind people, it was extremely refreshing to meet someone as pleasant as Cheryl. Cheryl McDonald sets a prime example of kindness, empathy, and professionalism. What a valuable combination! I want to say intensely and sincerely, Thank you, Cheryl.

Strategy, Execution + Grounded Support

Ready to leverage your passions and expertise while strengthening the “behind the scenes” of your business, growing your audience, converting leads, and designing your flagship program, course or membership?

Great! You’re in the right place as that’s my specialty!