Vulnerability – Up Close & Personal

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When you hear the word ‘vulnerability’ what resonates within you? Do you take in a deep breath? Does it feel scary or does it resonate happily within you? What happens when you think of being vulnerable and letting go of some control in your business?

Vulnerability can be a scary place for most people. Opening up, trusting, and feeling safe often are not feelings that we are quick to jump into. Why is this?

Our Past Resonates Into Our Future

How often as a woman, have you opened your heart up to another and then that trust and vulnerability has been broken. Sadly, I think we all know that trust takes so long to be built, and in a heartbeat, it can be gone. Damaging a relationship or friendship sometimes to irreparable levels.

Reframing and creating a safe environment is critical to repairing relationships (with ourselves) and others that have been part of the damaging process.

Sometimes it’s difficult to not let our past resonate into the future and affect our businesses, relationships, goals, and plans for the future. Often a re-programming of sorts helps us to move through and past these challenges allowing us to be free and seek the desires in life we want to achieve.

Becoming more vulnerable in your business

A few steps need to be in place for a person to be vulnerable. Trust, safety, and security are priority number one. When a person is in a safe comfortable place, with no judgment, it’s much easier to open our business and heart space to share with another person.

Take a moment to reflect into your own life. When you are vulnerable with another person, what does that look like? Where are you physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally?

For me to open up and dive into myself I know that certain conditions must be met. For one, it needs to be a place where there will be no judgement. Secondly, I need to have the physical security and trust with the person I am speaking with.

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The past does not dictate your future

I want to reassure you that your past will not dictate your future. Yes, it influences the choices and place that you are in today, however there are ways to change your life and it starts with being vulnerable and kind with yourself.

Vulnerability can be a scary place sometimes. Opening our hearts and minds, for when they have been burned in the past, is hard. It’s really, really hard. However, being vulnerable and allowing ourselves to open into the possibilities is the path to follow in achieving the life you want to live!

I can relate as I’ve been there. Some days I’m still there. Included in my goals for 2018 is to let myself be vulnerable, when the conditions have been set, and seek the true life and business that I want to live.

I challenge you today to find one small element where you can be vulnerable to either yourself or someone else. Find out what happens when you are able to open up!

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What steps are you taking to continually grow your business? Let me know in the comments below.


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